Attendees Inspection Score Total
Cubs Duty Sixer Kieran Red Six 950 2875
New Promise Joseph Blue Six 2033 2999
Total Law Joseph Green Six 2100 1150

The promise was read out this week by Joseph and Kieran  took Flag Break.

The Flag Break was taken Followed by Registration and inspection.

One additional point was awarded per item for each Cub who could Produce an acorn, the leaf that goes with it and name the tree it came from. (The Oak)

The Cubs started with a couple relays and games. We then settled down to listen to the Cubs who attended the Baloo Trophy to hear what they did and whether they had enjoyed themselves.

The Cubs seemed to have had a good day, their best bases were the Assault Course, The Alien Maze and the Water Challenge.

The Cubs were merged with another group to make up team 8 and did well to achieve a seventh place out of thirteen teams.

Time for a break

The rest of the evening the Cubs played Chinese Handball.

The Grand Howl was carried out with Kieran lowering the Flag and Joseph reading the Law.

The Cubs were going to do Archery this week but could not get all the permission forms. Archery will be held next week as all forms are now in.

Mystery object for 03/10/17:

  • Horse Chestnut Seed, Leaf and name of the tree